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Midnight 2 8

Now available for kindle and paperback

Dr. Kathleen O’Grady thinks she is attending to a routine call in ER until she meets a young woman chained naked to a gurney. Dragged screaming off the streets in cuffs, Devyn Tannon is terrified. Only Devyn isn’t suffering from a mental breakdown. Devyn says she sees dead people.

Sap Run

Now available for kindle and paperback

Alex had walked into the joint a cocky twenty-two year old with a manslaughter conviction hanging over her head. Now fifteen years later, she finds herself back on the streets because of a courthouse mistake. Born into nothing, Alex never understood the pathological attachment to life other people seem to have…that is until a bus ride brings her to the most beautiful place she’d ever set eyes on and the woman fighting desperately to keep it.

Endless Summer Waterfront Festival

OK, just to remind you guys because its next week. Phair will be hawking our books at the Endless Summer Waterfront Festival on Saturday, September 21th (rain date 22th). Its at Nantasket Avenue in Hull, MA from Noon to 5pm. All paperbacks are going for $10 each, lobster roll not included.

The Ripper’s Daughter

Now available for kindle and paperback

A sadistic serial killer the press calls the Ripper’s Daughter is stalking the streets of Boston. The victims are seemingly random, but each is horribly mutilated and left to die in the open with their mouths glued shut. Colby Willis, a burnt out police detective haunted by her failure to prevent the murder of her mentor, Marty Walsh, drowns her days in Jack.Suffering from unexplained seizures and black outs, Colby is soon forced to confront Jessie Walsh, the daughter of her mentor and the woman she loved and betrayed. Locked away in a mental asylum and forgotten, Jessie holds the key to the killer’s identity.

Can Colby figure out what she’s forgotten in time to save Jessie or will she become the next victim?

World’s most concise short story writer Lydia Davis wins Booker International Prize 2013

Lydia Davis, the shortest of all short story writers, whose works can be as brief as a single sentence, has won the fifth Man Booker International Prize. The influential American writer accepted the £60,000 honour, which is presented every two years to a living, non-UK author for a body of work published in English, at a ceremony held at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Davis, 65, was chosen from a heavyweight list of ten contenders including U.R. Ananthamurthy of India, Chinese writer Yan Lianke and Vladimir Sorokin of Russia. The Massachusetts-born Davis is best known for her short stories, a number of them among the shortest ever published. She has been described as “the master of a literary form largely of her own invention”.

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